What Does Agile Sound Like?

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by Chad on July 5, 2012

By now you probable have heard that John Deere is practicing Agile at scale.  What was less then a 100 people doing it under the radar has now grown into over a 1200 and counting.

But, what does it sound like?

Are they having fun or is it just talk?

Do Employees Like Agile?

How do you find out if employees actually like following Agile practices? You can either ask all of them or you have them take a survey. In one survey, we asked 300 random employees “If you were king for a day, would you want to continue to follow the Agile process.”

Guess what, number was?

70% – LOW

89% – Still LOW

95% – Low Again

100% – Almost

97% of the employees said they would want to continue to follow the process we have created (it’s not a process, it’s a culture.)

How Do I Explain What it Sounds Like?

For me, it’s simple (thanks to Animoto.com). You take a bunch of pictures with your phone and pick a song and your done.

Hope you enjoy the video.