How to Track Customer Releases?

by Chad on July 1, 2011

We can all remember the first time we learned about Scrum and the magical burndown chart that projects if you are on track to delivery during the specified time. In “Scrum in 10 Minutes,” it too talks about the burndown chart.


Today our Agile tool provides us with many burndowns AND burnup reports. We have the iterations (sprint) burndown that tracks if a sprint is on track, we have the iteration (sprint) burnup that tracks if the scope is going to be delivered, we have the Release (PSI) Burnup that tracks if the PSI scope is going to be delivered, we have the Story Burnup that tracks if a story / feature / epics is tracking, we have the Story Burndown that tracks hours burned.

It can be confusing. Some go up and so go down, some are for a sprint and some are for a PSI. I’m a big fan up going down rather then up, but that is just me.

So now I’m ready to introduce a new report that many people have found extremely helpful in our Agile journey. I’ll refer to it as the “Release Burnup Report.” (I wish it would go down, but it doesn’t). The purpose of the Release Burnup Report is to track the status of an actual customer release. It could combine multiple Epics into want report that will predict when it can be delivered. Below is a video explaining the Release Burnup Report.

As always, I am open to suggestions. It’s not perfect but it is available today.